Landlord and Tenant Advisory Services - Residential and Commercial

Landlord and Tenant Advisory Services - Residential and Commercial

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Landlord and Tenant Advisory Services – Residential and Commercial

NJC Services provide expert advice and carry out negotiations on both commercial and residential leases.

We can provide advice and services covering:

Lease plans

NJC have produced a number of Land Registry compliant lease plans over the years for residential and commercial properties. Our process includes liaising with the solicitor involved to agree the demised areas and any special requests, such as plan colouring etc.


NJC Services can act on behalf of the Landlord or Tenant in respect of dilapidations to a property.

Dilapidation principally concerns the Tenant’s failure to observe certain express and implied obligations within the lease, thereby committing a breach of covenant.

Interim and terminal schedules for landlords

This may be in the form of serving an interim schedule (during the term) or terminal schedule (end of term) on behalf of the Landlord.

Representation of tenants who’ve been served a dilapidation schedule

We also represent tenants when a dilapidation schedule has been served on them either prior or following expiry of their lease to reach a favourable outcome based on the Landlord’s true loss and where circumstances permit mitigate the claim in it’s entirety.

A schedule of condition for tenants

We can advise and prepare schedules of condition for tenants prior to them taking occupation which can be attached to the lease. This is extremely important as will potentially limit your liabilities at the end of your lease term proving the condition of the property prior to taking occupation. We often work closely with solicitors during negotiation stages which includes having schedules prepared.

Preparation of specifications for compliance work

We act for Landlords and Tenants in the preparation of specifications for compliance works to satisfy the lease obligations such as external and internal repairs, reinstatement of Landlord’s fixtures etc. Where acting for Tenants, our role will also extend to ensure the works are agreed between the both parties in advance of signing of the lease to avoid any disputes.

This type of work can be combined with the preparation of Schedules of Conditions.

Licence to alteration

A leasehold owner proposing structural or material changes to their property will generally require the consent of their Landlord under the terms of the lease. Such consent must not be unreasonably withheld but will typically be provided in the form of a written Licence to Alter so that the interests of the Landlord and any other affected leasehold owners in the building are protected.

The legal document will generally be drafted by the Landlord’s solicitor and then revised following input from a surveyor to reflect the specific details of the proposed work and the characteristics of the building. A site visit is paramount.

Works that are likely to require Landlord’s consent are removal of loadbearing walls and/or formation of new openings, extensions/ conversions, raising/ replacing roofs, changing windows, changing from soft floor coverings to wood flooring, installing additional bathrooms and/or WCs etc.

If the Building Regulations are applicable a copy of the completion certificate will need to be issued to the Landlord together with drawings confirming of any changes to the original design.

Thanks again for you help and advice

First of all thanks for your all of the help towards our rent review.

I think Landlord will be upset with the decision. But he must know the real situation. Because he has been misguided by some people around us. This is kind of attack against our small business.

We have to thank God to introduce you to us.

Thanks again for you help and advice.

Kumar (Tenant)

It has been a considerable weight off my mind

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your services in connection with the redecoration of the exterior of the property in Blagdon Road, New Malden.

You and the contractor could not have had worse weather to contend with, but in the end all was completed and I have had not complaints or impassioned telephone calls from the surgery.

It has been a considerable weight off my mind that I could leave the management of this project in such capable hands and that we were able to negotiate a price which was reasonable.

With thanks

Petit Estate